A Look at Global Employee Relocation in 2019

The peak season for relocation — June through August — is nearly over. One of the most common reasons why people move is that they are changing jobs or starting a new job. For some of these relocating employees, getting to their new homes will involve a lot more than just loading their stuff into a moving van. That’s because their moves aren’t just taking them to a new city — they’re headed for a different country entirely.

As business grows increasingly global, more employees are taking international assignments. So we (with the kind help of our friends at Fluency Corp.) thought we’d take a closer look at the current state of global relocations and best practices for relocation success.

Infographic of employees moving globally for work and their preferred destinations.

As the figures from this infographic show, there is a lot at stake each time you have to decide whether to offer an overseas relocation. Increasing the odds that your relocations will succeed takes careful planning. Here are a few points you should consider.

When your company relocates employees internationally, you must to be laser-focused on helping those employees maintain their productivity. Yet there are some huge gaps in support for relocating employees — gaps that end up costing companies money.

❯ Sample cost breakdown for expat assignments

If you’re relocating internationally yourself, we’ve rounded up some essential resources here. HR leaders can also share these resources with employees at their companies who are headed overseas. Also check out our coaching programs for expatriates, for senior global executives (1-on-1), and global leaders (group).

❯ Avoid these 9 behaviors if you want to be a success abroad

❯ The 7 questions you want to ask a cultural training firm

❯ The table of elements for global business readiness

❯ Don’t buy into the “culture shock” myth

❯ Learn to read body language across cultures for global success

❯ The misconceptions of expatriate coaching

❯ Businesses that embrace a global mindset get better results

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