The mission-critical factor for global growth: ICE-Q

The formula for success in global business contains several variables. One of the key factors in the growth equation is the ICE-Q ©, a fusion of three essential human skills: intellectual prowess (Intelligence Quotient or IQ), cultural intelligence (CQ), and emotional intelligence (EQ). By combining the three Qs of heart, mind, and globe we get the ICE-Q – the secret sauce of international business success.

IQ + CQ + EQ = ICE-Q

Insert the ICE-Q as a factor in our global growth equation and you’ll see how important it is for anyone conducting business around the world. It is an indispensable skill set if you are serious about reaching goals and expanding results.


Following the above formula the value for global growth increases the more business opportunities present themselves or are created, the bigger the average deal value is, and the higher an organization’s ICE-Q is. Diminishing factors for global growth are the length of a company’s learning curve in international operations and its failure rate in multinational trading.

Increasing the ICE-Q in this equation will accelerate an organization’s global growth. So will lowering the failure rates and flattening the learning curves. These are the three areas where our clients benefit from working with us.

Our coaching and training programs establish and expand the ICE-Q in an organization. Utilizing ICE-Q and applying this essential skill set results in shorter and flatter learning curves and higher success rates.

ICE-Q increase

Which elements are part of our ICE-Q building initiatives?

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