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Expatriate Culture Coaching (6 months) – Contact us for Your Special Rate

This is how smart companies prepare expatriates for their global transfers: A half-year coaching program designed to to build an expat’s cultural flexibility, to guide their transition into the new location, and to secure assignment success. (see details below)


Wether used as a standalone talent development instrument or as an extension of expatriate training programs – expat coaching is a highly effective global talent development module. Our post-arrival coaching program accompanies expatriates on their acclimatization journey via regular coaching calls, video conferences, and email support. Assignees will work with their expat coach to discuss ongoing adaptation issues, to reflect on their experiences, and to get answers to the every-day challenges of expat life.

Cultural knowledge can be learned via training but increased cultural competence needs practice. As successful global professionals expats want a workout buddy to practice with. One who accompanies them on their journey to realizing their full potential in an increasingly diverse work environment. The Culture Mastery Coaches accomplish this via a structured workout regimen which includes regular coaching calls, video conferences, email support, and – depending on availability – face-to-face meetings.

Every professional should have a coach. Assignees who work internationally are engaged in stressful and often hectic day-to-day lives; therefore it is critical that they take time to reflect, process and “check in” with themselves to ensure that they are on track to achieving their goals. Our expat coaching program offers high quality coaching services to international executives, working one on one with them to grow and expand their leadership abilities and cultural competencies.

You’ll get:

22 hourly group coaching sessions (using video conferencing platform Zoom)
An experienced cross-cultural consultant
An award-winning executive coach
A mentor to international C-level leaders
Industry leading assessment tools
Reflection on personal cross-cultural experiences

You will:

Acquaint yourself with the process of cultural acclimatization
Understand the main cultural values of your native & your host culture, and how they impact communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership
Clear up expectations about living & working in a different country and culture
Develop appropriate strategies for your cultural adjustment
Discuss your personal interests and questions about the challenges of working across cultures

You’ll be:

Aware of your own culture and how it shows in your behavior
Equipped to recognize the culture gaps in global business
Developing strategies to close the culture gaps
Self-assured in interacting with people from other cultures
A confident global professional
A better version of yourself

What our clients say about our coaching programs:

“The Culture Mastery has provided intercultural workshops and consulting for our internationally operating teams. Christian always takes the time to analyze and understand the needs and challenges at hand. His workshops are extremely informative, and his presentation style is very engaging. With his personal experience, he is able to empathize with anyone who faces the challenge of learning another culture. Our teams have a much better understanding and appreciation now of some of the differences between cultures as well as strategies to effectively communicate and work internationally. I heartily recommend The Culture Mastery to anyone looking for top-notch training, coaching, or consulting for their cross-cultural teams.”

— Sunitha Vegerla, Director of Quality & Process Management, RECARO Aircraft Seating Americas, Inc.


“As an American managing a facility for a German company, I searched for opportunities to improve my cultural awareness and ultimately my effectiveness in the role. Working with Christian and The Culture Mastery, I’ve gained valuable insight into the ‘big picture’ differences in cultures as well as the development and characteristics of sub-cultures within Germany. I apply this knowledge to my interactions with colleagues and customers resulting in improved communications and relationships.”

— Brad Newman, Senior Executive, ZF Chassis Systems LLC

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