In addition to our blog and our video content, we also offer two audio programs: The Culture Guy Podcast and Two Chaps – Many Cultures. Enjoy listening!

The Culture Guy Podcast

The Culture Guy Podcast was launched in June of 2015. Hosted by TCM founder Christian Höferle, the program typically features guest who share their experiences of crossing cultures.

The Culture Guy Podcast is dedicated to everyone who is passionate about cultures and how culture influences everything we do: The way we talk, the way we listen, the way we act or react, the way we feel and the way we see the world.

To send in your feedback for the show, please email Christian and use our social media outlets: The Culture Mastery Facebook Page, the Facebook Page for The Culture Guy Podcast, our company’s Twitter feedChristian’s personal Twitter, and our Instagram profile.

Two Chaps – Many Cultures is the audio version of our video program which we broadcast live weekdays on YouTube and Facebook. Hosted by the Cultural Mentor Brett Parry and by Christian, The Culture Guy. The two chaps started this show during the Coronavirus pandemic in July of 2020.

This program is about the business of culture and the culture of business, and we’ll address your questions. A weekday broadcast pondering culture in short bursts. Join the two chaps as they explore the mysteries of human behavior. No holds barred. Only straight talk about culture, human potential, and personal growth. Streaming live where possible. Taking questions from you. Including colorful and diverse voices from various corners of the world.

To watch the video version of Two Chaps – Many Cultures visit the Facebook Pages of The Culture Mastery or the Cultural Mentor. Alternatively, you can watch them on YouTube.

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