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When you search for a consultant, a coach, or a trainer, you probably are not seeking mediocrity for your organization. Right? That’s why we’re delighted to share with you a distinction our founder recently earned from one of our partners: IOR Global Services named Christian Höferle Trainer of the Year – Excellence in Innovation!

How is this relevant to me, you ask? Since you aren’t looking for second best or average in your business, you now have even more evidence that working with The Culture Mastery will ensure you get best-in-class cultural consulting services. TCM clients don’t settle.

Christian received the award during IOR’s annual Globie Awards ceremony, recognizing the top associate consultants of the Chicago-based global talent solutions provider. We’re excited for him and a bit proud. Thank you for the honor, Teresa, Olga, Steph, and Rob at IOR! 

I get it, this is relevant for me. So what are my next steps?

To learn more about our cultural consulting and talent development services, simply schedule a call with us or send an email to GetStarted@TheCultureMastery.com.

If your goal is to seriously work on your ability to engage and interact with business partners from different cultural backgrounds, to inspire and lead multicultural teams, and to reach your full global potential, we are here to assist you on that path with our training and coaching programs. Take a look:

To paraphrase management consultant Peter Drucker: Once we accept the reality that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast with the changes around us, the next step is to ask ourselves: “Which skills will help me to stay ahead of change or, at least, deal with change with more ease and grace?”

Here are two more reference points for those of you interested in cross-cultural coaching. One article from Christian’s blog and another one from Harvard Business Review, which he co-authored with Andy Molinsky.

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