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You know how to manage, inspire, lead, and communicate – at home.  Now you need to be as efficient in a different culture.  What made you successful in your country could derail you abroad.
How are you going to master yourself in an unfamiliar environment? By expanding your ICE-Q. Let’s help you build a bridge across the culture gap! Schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how you can master culture with our services.
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Our mission is to lead people to a better understanding of cultures.

A deep understanding of their own culture and those cultures they interact with, so they can work at their peak and in peace with each other. We do this through teaching, training and coaching.

Our clients trust us and rely on us that we will lead their teams to more success across cultural borders. The people who engage with us for coaching, training, and mentoring experience how the label “normal” becomes irrelevant. In fact, there are thousands of “normals” around the world.

All of these systems of values and norms are equally valid. As we build bridges between corporate and national cultures we expand the horizon of global leaders. Only when you master the transition between cultures will you be successful in global business.

Those who are not ashamed of their mistakes, faux pas, and gaffes when interacting with other cultures will go much further in international business.

Are you ready to build some bridges?

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Brad Newman, Plant Manager, ZF Chassis Systems LLC

As an American managing a facility for a German company, I searched for opportunities to improve my cultural awareness and ultimately my effectiveness in the role. Working with Christian and The Culture Mastery, I’ve gained valuable insight into the “big picture” differences in cultures as well as the development and characteristics of sub-cultures within Germany. I apply this knowledge to my interactions with colleagues and customers resulting in improved communications and relationships.

The Culture Mastery played a key role in transitioning my new Engineering Manager from Brazil to the US. They offered transitional support that specifically addressed the needs of the entire family. From translators that assisted with the initial visit to ongoing support of the family as they settle in to their new home, TCM have been engaged. Their involvement reduced the anxiety of this significant move and allowed for a smooth transition to our facility and community.

Paquita Wright, CEO & CHRO at CPWright & Assoc., Inc.

It is clear Christian Höferle is knowledgeable and passionate about cross cultural interactions, full integration and inclusion. After hearing Mr. Höferle’s presentation, we learned enough information to further our organization’s international goals. We plan to enlist Höferle’s organization to continue assisting us on our multi-cultural journey.

Thomas Orr, President at Pöppelmann Plastics USA, LLC

The Culture Mastery provided an informative and entertaining cultural training program that provided much needed perspective on the cultural differences that exist within our company. Everyone benefited greatly from the session and we look forward to utilizing The Culture Mastery’s professional intercultural training programs again in the future.

Sunitha Vegerla, General Manager, RECARO Aircraft Seating Americas, Inc.

The Culture Mastery has provided intercultural workshops and consulting for our internationally operating teams. Christian and his team always take the time to analyze and understand the needs and challenges at hand. His workshops are extremely informative, and his presentation style is very engaging.

With Christian’s personal experience of moving to the U.S. as a German, he is able to empathize with anyone who faces the challenge of learning another culture. Our teams have a much better understanding and appreciation now of some of the differences between cultures as well as strategies to effectively communicate and work internationally. I heartily recommend The Culture Mastery to anyone looking for top-notch training, coaching, or consulting for their cross-cultural teams.

Professional Endorsements

Christian is a true professional. He’s one of my go-to people for insights about culture, cultural differences, and global leadership. He’s deeply knowledgable, utterly professional and a true pleasure to work with. Don’t hesitate to contact The Culture Mastery about your cultural training or global leadership needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Andy Molinsky, PhD

Author of Global Dexterity and Professor of International Business at Brandeis

The strength of any business partnership relies on great communication and cultural understanding. It became very evident to our university that cultural competency is no longer a luxury but now a necessity for any successful organization. The opportunity to work directly with Christian Höferle and his company should be viewed as a serious business advantage for future success.

Gary Ray

Vice President for Enrollment Services, Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas

What a pleasure it is to know such a dynamic person as, Christian, “The Culture Guy” at The Culture Mastery. His rich background, business development, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit make him uniquely qualified to be an excellent culture ambassador for those of us with a global view. The Culture Mastery’s coaching programs enhance your company’s advantage in the international market place.

Debra Johnston

Chief Strategist, Sky Edge Ventures Corporation

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