Cultural and Personality Assessment Tools

Even experienced, well traveled global professionals sometimes have oversimplified notions about how people from other countries and cultures work and make decisions. This is usually because in their assessment they focus only on one or two components of intercultural interactions, e.g. leading, communicating, or negotiating.

Cultures, however, are more complicated constructs which don’t lend themselves to single-aspect comparisons. In order for global professionals to get a correct picture, they want to measure relational, cognitive, and behavioral contrasts and similarities along several dimensions on which cultural gaps are most prevalent – and to assess themselves in those areas.

In order to enhance the experience of our clients and program participants we are offering different measuring and assessment instruments for cultural comparisons as well as personality profiles.


GSPlogo Assessment

The GlobeSmart Profile (SM) is an effective, statistically validated instrument that helps you discover your preferred work style and how you compare with other cultures and colleagues. Available in 13 languages, the GlobeSmart Profile provides specific, dynamically generated advice on how to bridge differences and leverage similarities.

Country Navigator Logo

Country Navigator is an online and mobile platform that prepares executives and assignees on how to work and adapt culturally in over 100 countries. It combines assessments, country content and a range of e-learning modules. The Country Navigator tool complements training and coaching programs, delivering an intuitive and engaging interface for users to assess and manage their individual cultural tendencies and behaviors. Its blended approach puts people in complete control of their continuous learning experience. Country Navigator is an ideal instrument for global managers, teams, and assignees.

BANK One World One Language

B.A.N.K.™ is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve communication, accelerate negotiations, and come to sustainable agreements faster. While it was developed primarily to help sales professionals increase their closing rates, BANK has shown to be equally valuable in the field of human resources. Unlocking people’s BANKcode will positively change the way HR professionals recruit, manage, and develop talent. And in global business it helps pull back more layers of the onion of cultural understanding.


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