Global Leader Group Coaching


90-Day Global Leader Group Coaching Program – Contact us for Your Special Rate

Here’s a smart way to build your global leadership skills: With our group coaching program. Designed for aspiring and developing global leaders. 90 days, 12 hourly calls, industry-leading tools to build cultural competence. (see details below)


Do you work with colleagues from other cultural backgrounds?
Do your clients and vendors speak a different language?
Do you sell and market your product globally?
You already know how to manage, inspire, lead, and communicate  —  with people who are like or similar to you. Now you want to be just as efficient with co-workers, clients, customers, and vendors who are sometimes quite different from you. What made you successful with your people could easily derail you when working in a diverse context.
So how are you going to master yourself in an unfamiliar environment?

With our 90-day Global Leader Group Coaching Program!

Start by investing in yourself now!

You’ll get:

12 hourly group coaching sessions (using video conferencing platform Zoom)
An experienced cross-cultural consultant
Subject matter experts
An award-winning executive coach
A mentor to international C-level leaders
Industry leading assessment tools
Reflection on personal cross-cultural experiences
Safe space for peer exchanges

You’ll be:

Aware of your own culture and how it shows in your behavior
Equipped to recognize the culture gaps in global business
Developing strategies to close the culture gaps
Self-assured in interacting with people from other cultures
A confident Global Leader
A better version of yourself

What our clients say about our coaching programs:

“As an American managing a facility for a German company, I searched for opportunities to improve my cultural awareness and ultimately my effectiveness in the role. Working with Christian and The Culture Mastery, I’ve gained valuable insight into the ‘big picture’ differences in cultures as well as the development and characteristics of sub-cultures within Germany. I apply this knowledge to my interactions with colleagues and customers resulting in improved communications and relationships.”

— Brad Newman, Senior Executive, ZF Chassis Systems LLC