We Make Global Business Skills Training a Public Enrollment Matter

Our clients want to get better at what they do. They want to succeed in global business. We give them a leg up. With our public enrollment courses. Throughout the year 2021 we are offering cross-cultural business trainings on various topics.

Global business training turns your employees and executive team into more mature and skillful leaders who will have a considerably broader and deeper behavioral and cognitive repertoire when dealing with challenging situations in an international context. In addition to the customized training and coaching initiatives we design and deliver for our legacy clients we are offering a series of live online trainings for our future raving fans.

Online Training Portfolio – Six Times a Year

We currently provide four different courses which are now open for enrollment six times this year. Part of this portfolio of live online trainings are country-specific cross-cultural training courses, others are culture-general seminars. Each of these courses is interactive, with immediate practical applications for you and your team.

The first round of our 2021 recurring training offering is now available for you in our online store, The Culture Shop. We will add more workshops to our offering as the year progresses. Each of these workshops will be delivered in two 90-minute live sessions. We will conduct them virtually via the Zoom platform. Group size will not exceed 25 participants to ensure smooth online facilitation and interaction among participants.

What’s In It For You?

You get to quantify that yourself. Simply ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How much time (i.e. money) will your organization save once your international virtual team works with less friction and tension?
  • How much more productive will your company be once your employees pull together and empower each other’s full potential?
  • How much more efficient will your foreign team members be once they feel like they belong?
  • How will your leaders’ results improve once they understand how their international team members expect to be lead, managed, and inspired? 
  • How much will your organization save once the number of prematurely terminated expat assignments decreases? 
  • How many more prospects and leads will you generate during international trade shows and global delegation trips?

Still on the fence? Got questions? We’re here for you – Ready to talk?

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