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Exploring Identity Through the Lens of Different Cultures

The week in review with Two Chaps – Many Cultures

Hard to believe that our new live video format has already seen three weeks worth of broadcast. Two Chaps – Many Cultures has been very well received within our community and a wider audience. During the daily live sessions from July 20 to 24, the two chaps (Brett and Christian) and their guests talked about how we experience identity – whether it’s our personal, individual identity, that of the group(s) we belong to, or if it’s the identity we have of ourselves or the one handed to us by our environment.

Below you’ll see the recordings of the daily shows, which this past week featured guests Margaret Ohia-Nowak, Tomomi Kumai, Bem Joiner, and Rashmi Kapse.

Two Chaps Many Cultures identity

What is YOUR biggest challenge when working with other cultures?

Or perhaps you have some interesting stories to tell about your global work. Brett Parry and Christian Höferle address these topics on their live program. Two Chaps – Many Cultures is available on YouTube and on Facebook. The two chaps broadcast weekdays at 9:33am Eastern Time.

In July 2020, the Cultural Mentor Brett, and Christian launched this live program during which the two chaps explore the mysteries of human behavior. No holds barred. Only straight talk about culture, human potential, and personal growth. Streaming live where possible. Taking questions from you. Including colorful and diverse voices from various corners of the world. 

Join them. Comment. Ask your questions.
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Here are the five episodes for the week of July 20-24, 2020. Enjoy the replay.

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