Should You Change Your Corporate Culture?

Chances are, if you’re asking yourself this question, the answer may very well be yes. On the popular and well respected Decision Vision Podcast, hosted by Michael Blake for Brady Ware & Company, Christian Höferle is sharing some insights on corporate culture, creating cohesion with employees scattered around the world, and the importance of developing ICE-Q for global business success.

In the field of podcasting it is not uncommon that hosts become guests on other people’s podcasts. Sometimes storytellers inspire other storytellers. This is the case with financial strategist and risk analyst Mike and TCM founder Christian. On this episode of the 🎧 Decision Vision Podcast, the two explore the metaphor of culture as the operating system our human existence. Christian also shares examples of his work with TCM clients, how culture is neither good nor bad, and how strategically developing ICE-Q creates professionals, teams, and organizations that are better equipped for global business.

You can listen to the full episode of this Decision Vision Podcast on various platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, YouTube, Business Radio X, Facebook, ListenNotes, and on the DVP website.

To connect with Mike Blake please visit his LinkedIn profile, his page at Brady Ware & Company, his Facebook profile, or follow him on Instagram.

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