Mexico United States Cultural Differences

What You should Know about Cultural Differences Between the U.S. and Mexico

As part of our Fall/Winter Webinar series we recently offered a joint session on the main cultural roadblocks between the United States and Mexico, together with our partners at Gea Cultura. During this webinar Salvador Rodríguez Gil Batista and Christian Höferle identified ways to establish robust and reliable bridges across the Rio Grande/Bravo. Watch the webinar recording here and learn how to better negotiate, communicate, manage, and lead in a Mexican-American business context.

The nature of business relations between the forever neighbors will always be influenced by their distinctly different cultures. During this webinar Salvador and Christian address how the different work styles affect cross-border business success.

A single market approach to North America will not work, if companies want to achieve their global business goals. How can you harness the unique mindsets and work cultures of the United States and Mexico to improve cross-border business and boost the international bottom line?

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