The Culture Moment 45

The Culture Moment 45

A recent article on Harvard Business Review (HBR) asks: “Are You Sugarcoating Your Feedback Without Realizing It?“. Apparently, many employees want negative feedback to be delivered in a more candid way. It has been our experience that you best take that with a pinch of salt, if you work in a global context.

Make sure you adjust your candor to the culture in which you operate. Another article, published also on HBR a while ago by Andy Molinsky and TCM founder Christian Höferle, addresses this very topic: “When Crossing Cultures, Don’t Forget Praise“.

It stands to argue that every employee would like to receive relevant and actionable feedback for their work. But the way in which we present this feedback is culturally specific.

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What is The Culture Moment?

The Culture Moment is our short-form video format: every clip is a bit more than three minutes long and contains a complimentary intercultural nugget, presented by Christian Höferle.

We want you to stop wasting your time and resources in global business. Watch this video series and get better at helping people around the world. Yes, we expect you to help people! Because – ideally – if you’re in business, you help people, by way of solving their problems.

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