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Sharing the business influence of TCM on the Uinfluence Podcast

In the field of podcasting it is not uncommon that podcast hosts become guests on other people’s podcasts. Sometimes storytellers inspire other storytellers. And ideally the topics they discuss on their programs aren’t circling around the same theme. This is the case with staff training and organizational development expert Raphael Mavi and Christian Höferle. When Mavi, who produces the Uinfluence Podcast, met the TCM founder he wanted him to talk about the business influence our company has been able to develop over the years.

Raphael and Christian met at a conference in Minnesota, exchanged business experiences, and recorded a conversation. The result is an episode of the 🎧 Uinfluence Podcast, during which Christian shares examples of his work with TCM clients, how the company got started, and how ICE-Q work creates more influence for a global business.

During their casual talk, Raphael and Christian speak about a variety of topics, ranging from cross-cultural work to personal family stories and how our clients benefit from using our cultural assessment and personality profiling tools.

You can listen to the full Uinfluence Podcast episode on various platforms:
Apple Podcasts, Anchor FM, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Radio Public, or Stitcher.

To connect with Mr. Mavi please visit his LinkedIn profile, follow him on Instagram, like his Facebook Page, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and of course visit his business or personal website.

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