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Learn To Decode How People Make Decisions

Getting to “Yes” quicker and more often

Success in business depends on your ability to connect with other people, earn their attention and trust, and eventually close deals with them. Doing this and deciphering how people make decisions in an international context is disproportionately more challenging than working with local customers and vendors.

Are you finding that selling and marketing to clients and prospects from outside your country is more challenging than in your home market? Does everyone in your organization consistently meet their global growth goals? With the BANK personality training system this challenge will soon be a thing of the past.

In partnership with the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern U.S. we are offering an Introduction to BANK training and the methodology of its personality profiling system at the GACC South offices in Atlanta, GA. During this 90-minute session on April 19 you will see how you can use BANK to establish better business relationships, close deals faster, and improve communication.

Know Like Trust Buy - decisions

BANK provides you with the ability to swiftly and exactly identify the decision making profile of your counterparts and understand what they value when making buying or other decisions. In fact, it is the only methodology in the world which is scientifically validated to predict buying behavior in 90 seconds or less!

Unlocking people’s BANKcode will positively change the way marketers sell and how HR professionals recruit, manage, and develop talent. And in global business it helps pulling back more layers of the onion of cultural understanding.

What: Introduction to BANK

Where: German American Chamber of Commerce – Atlanta, GA (see directions below)

When: April 19th, 2018 – event begins at 4:30pm

Learn to unlock the secrets of people’s decision making behavior and REGISTER TODAY for our Intro to BANK training at GACC South.

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