Mind, Body, Business eBook



You watched the video on our website. now get the eBook version of the interview. No matter where in the world you work, establishing and maintaining a business requires more than an idea, a plan, and execution. In order to be successful professionally, you also want to thrive as an individual. Because all business problems are also personal problems. So, whether you work on your own business or you are employed – your mind and body need to be fit for business.

In his aptly called interview series, The Mind Body Business Show, Brian Kelly discuss this connection between mind and body for business success. You can get a copy of the eBook version of The Mind, Body, Business Show during which Brian Kelly talks with TCM founder Christian Höferle.

To watch the video version, visit our blog.

The show’s mission as stated on their website “is to provide the audience with supreme value” and to help both new and established entrepreneurs to achieve greater success as a result of the information provided on the show. And in case you’re not an entrepreneur, chances are, if you work in an international context, you often have to think and act like one.

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