GlobeSmart Profile


Six-months license – GlobeSmart Profile

The GlobeSmart Profile (SM) is an effective, statistically validated instrument that helps you discover your preferred work style and how you compare with other cultures and colleagues. Available in 13 languages, the GlobeSmart Profile provides specific, dynamically generated advice on how to bridge differences and leverage similarities.


The GlobeSmart ProfileSM is an effective, statistically validated online cultural inventory tool to discover and compare your own preferred work style across five dimensions of culture, and how you compare with other cultures, countries, colleagues, and teams. Available in 13 languages, the GlobeSmart Profile cultural intelligence software provides specific, dynamically generated advice on how to bridge differences and leverage similarities.

Minimize misunderstandings. Maximize success.

When differing work-styles collide, frustration can result. The GlobeSmart Profile identifies these differences and provides concrete strategies proven to address potential conflicts and pave the way for increased business success.

Understanding the Value of the GlobeSmart Profile as a Cultural Intelligence Training Tool

The true value of the GlobeSmart Profile is in its simplicity. It provides insight about cultural differences and their implications for business interactions. It is not an assessment or a diagnostic tool; there is no right or wrong profile. Instead, it is a statistically valid and reliable tool for helping you increase your awareness of potential gaps between your preferred way of operating and those of your colleagues, and for developing strategies for effectively bridging those differences.

With the GlobeSmart Profile, you will have access to:

  • A 40 item survey to discover your personal work style
  • Detailed information and video scenarios on GlobeSmart’s five dimensions of culture
  • Comparisons with the average profiles of 95+ countries
  • Invitations for your colleagues and teams to compare Profiles
  • Extensive, dynamically generated advice for working effectively with cultures or colleagues
    Available in 13 languages

Benefit from the power of one of the strongest cultural inventories in the market.

The GlobeSmart Profile uses data from industry-leading cross-cultural researchers and Aperian Global associates around the world, so users can feel confident they’re getting a valuable resource they can trust. Over 800,000 people have chosen the GlobeSmart Profile as a resource to support their global
business interactions. It begins with a short survey, which is used to create a personal profile, based on five dimensions of culture:

  • Independent vs. Interdependent
  • Egalitarianism vs. Status
  • Risk vs. Certainty
  • Direct vs. Indirect
  • Task vs. Relationship

The GlobeSmart Profile then delivers extensive, dynamically generated advice for how to be most effective when working with the styles of the culture or colleagues selected. Users can also gain a better understanding of their own unique team dynamics by reviewing their team profile, based on an average of the profiles of all team members.
The GlobeSmart Profile is available in 13 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Enhanced content makes results more meaningful

Users can also watch short vignettes that depict people from various ends of the work preference continuum interacting with one another, enabling them to more fully understand the meaning of their profiles & how those profiles might look in the real world.

Begin the Process of Bridging Cultural Gaps in the Workplace

The GlobeSmart Profile is a cultural self-awareness tool to be used whenever insight into cultural differences is needed. Access is for 6 months. One seat purchase is for one individual. Contact us for volume discounts on purchases of 200+ seats.