Making the Top Ten Lists in 2017

Taking inventory and being grateful

As 2017 is drawing to a close many of us are stepping back from day to day routines and work schedules in order to reflect on the year that was and to recharge for the new year. We take inventory and celebrate our successes.
Among the biggest reasons to celebrate for our team at The Culture Mastery are the positive feedback we receive from our clients and the acknowledgements we get from colleagues and peers in the industry.
This past year, three of those stand out and make us particularly grateful (and a bit proud, of course) since they come in the form of Top Ten lists:

Top Ten blogs

1. The Top 10 Intercultural Communication Blogs

As a serial expatriate and writer on intercultural topics Tim Rettig‘s 2017 was certainly a year during which he reached a remarkable level of awareness in the cross-cultural community. In September Tim published a Top Ten list of “my favorite intercultural communication blogs, those who have been the most helpful to me as somebody trying to adapt to different cultural environments.” Rettig’s blogroll is as subjective as anyone’s but he explains the criteria based on which he chose his favorites:
  • frequency of posting
  • the inclusion of concrete strategies on how to improve your skills as an intercultural communicator
  • having some degree of culturally universal tips, rather than being purely culture-specific
  • being practical rather than purely academic
We are flattered to be listed among renowned creators of cross-cultural content like Cultural Detective, Feel Like You Belong, AFS, Access to Culture, David Livermore, Beasley Intercultural, Sherwood Fleming, Commisceo Global, and Michael Kimmig.
Tim was recently featured on The Culture Guy podcast. Make sure to listen to his stories and insight.

Culture Checklist2. Your Cultural Awareness Checklist for 2018

Another young cross-cultural expert who was featured as a guest on The Culture Guy podcast is Tayo Rockson. This global millennial entrepreneur keeps producing excellent content for his own brand and, for example, for his Facebook group, Use your difference to make a difference.
In December Tayo compiled an extensive list of resources for everyone who wants to expand their cultural intelligence and to become more efficient global leaders. His checklist encompasses several categories for different learning styles and we are thankful to see our work included – alongside well-respected outlets like BigThink, SIETAR, InterNations, Cultural Mentor, Duolingo, or Dr. Brené Brown. There are many more, so please take a look at the entire checklist. Then (re-)listen to Tayo and his story on our podcast.

Molinsky Top podcasts3. Andy Molinsky’s favorite business and psychology podcasts

The third directory we are delighted to be listed in is Andy Molinsky’s catalog of business and psychology podcasts which he published in June. Being named next to John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing, the $100 MBA Show, the Art of Charm, The Bregman Leadership Podcast, or Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast is something we certainly didn’t expect at the beginning of 2017.
Andy, like the two other list makers, was featured on The Culture Guy podcast as well – twice actually. And he wrote a guest post for our blog. Make sure to check out his amazing thought leadership.

Inspiration for 2018

While Best-of and Top Ten lists are usually rather arbitrary, ideally they do reflect the thoughtful assessment of those who compile it. Our team view them as acknowledgement and encouragement for our work throughout the year and we intend to use these lists as an inspiration to carry us into 2018 with huge momentum.

Who would you add to your list? And what are you grateful for this year? Let us know: send us a note or comment below.

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