How lawyers can cross cultures with ease [The Culture Guy Podcast]

Why international attorneys need to learn about intercultural communication

Jeri Weber is an attorney-at-law and an intercultural consultant for legal professionals. She was born and raised in the U.S. Midwest, spent time in Asia as an exchange student and has lived and worked in China, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. On this episode Jeri highlights the fact that most international attorneys never really learn about the specifics of intercultural communication.

jeri-weber-6With her company culturalxing she advises legal professionals on the potential pitfalls and dangers of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

“During my time practicing law, I often found myself building bridges between clients and colleagues or with counterparts when the going got tough due to different approaches to problem solving, different understandings of the law and other ways of giving and receiving advice,” Jeri says.

In her experience, her clients need to know how decisions are mad, at which speed to expect negotiations to proceed, and how law is approached abroad.

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You can connect with Jeri via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Xing. On her company website you will find her blog as well as her podcast, Interculturally of Counsel.

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