Let’s talk about sex(ism), baby! [The Culture Guy Podcast]

During this episode I’ll be talking about sex. In a clean and mature way. It is still a podcast around the topic of sex – and about sexism. Let me be really clear: sexism will hurt your business. And sometimes you will encounter it coming from angles you weren’t expecting.

I recently wrote a piece about this topic on our company’s blog which highlights a case of sexism as it unfolded at one of our clients.
And if you followed the public political discourse in the United States in recent months, you will have certainly come across the issue of sexism.
What qualifies as sexist behavior or inappropriate display of nudity and sexuality in one culture may not be viewed as such in other cultures.

During this episode you’ll learn what to watch out for in global business.
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This is the cartoon mentioned during the episode:


And this BBC article explains the context around the trouble some Formula 1 fans from Australia found themselves in after celebrating in way which isn’t socially acceptable in Malaysia:

‘Budgie Nine’ Malaysian F1 strippers return to Australia


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