Why you need to attend the annual conference of SIETAR USA [The Culture Guy Podcast]

Brett Parry 1Brett Parry, who serves as the Director of Communication and Marketing for SIETAR USA, is an independent intercultural coach and facilitator. Originally from Australia, he works throughout the United States from his home base in Chicago.

In his role at SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), he has spearheaded efforts to revamp the organization’s online presence and digital outreach. During his conversation with The Culture Guy, Brett gives an update on the upcoming annual conference, which will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from November 9-12.


According to Brett, among the main reasons for attending the SIETAR USA event are:

  • Networking with supportive and like-minded people (to whom you won’t have to explain what you do)
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences among intercultural practitioners
  • Connecting with other professionals in the intercultural field: HR specialists, business owners, researchers, etc.

The Culture Guy will be a presenter at this year’s conference as well, since SIETAR USA has accepted Christian’s proposal to talk about the power of masterminding for building cross-cultural competence.


To register please visit the SIETAR USA website where you will find different options – for members, non-members, or students. Get on overview of the different fee levels here.
Hotel and travel information can be found under the logistics tab.
Please note that the deadline to apply as a volunteer for the event is September 16; the early bird pricing is only available before October 1.

Find SIETAR USA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

See you in Tulsa!
How many of you plan on meeting there?


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