Balancing different leadership approaches as an expat boss [The Culture Guy Podcast]

StephanieBarros1As the daughter of first generation immigrants to Australia, Stephanie Barros learned from childhood on how to balance the cultures of her birth country and those cultures represented in her family who, hailing from the Philippines, combines roots from England, Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

Today, living in Singapore with her family and working as an executive for a U.S.-based, multinational Fortune 500 company, Stephanie is utilizing the skills she learned as a third-culture kid in a global corporate context.


On this episode of The Culture Guy Podcast she talks about:

  • the sometimes reversed roles of women and men in today’s expat world
  • how she’s learned to embrace the distinct cultural sub-groups of Singapore
  • the challenges of leading a diverse and remote team
  • the importance of minding the use of Global English in a multinational organization
  • finding the best way to motivate across cultures

This summer, Stephanie and her husband conquered another challenge: They climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. To find out what this experience was like and what they learned from the expedition, please read Stephanie’s blog posts on LinkedIn:


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  1. Wonderful interview, Christian! Will plan to share with some clients doing business in that corner of the world. Especially appreciated Stephanie’s advice for first-worlders to check their arrogance before taking a third-world assignment.

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