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Join us at the Global HR Business Conference

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The Global HR Business series of conferences is coming to Atlanta, GA this April. Event organizer Edwin B. Cohen has been putting together an impressive speaker roster. This full-day event on April 11, 2018 will bring together professionals from various industries.

Ed and his team have been connecting business people from across silos, from across borders, and from across cultures and time zones to meet, greet, exchange ideas, learn together and from each other for many years. The Global HR Business forums happen throughout the year all across North America and in select countries overseas (like France or Germany).

The Atlanta conference will be hosted at the event spaces of ROAM Buckhead (see directions below). The event will include keynotes, presentations, and roundtable discussions with leaders from a broad selection of different industries. One of the sessions will include TCM founder Christian Höferle who will talk about global mindset and the importance of cultural competence in international business.

We invite you to join us in Atlanta and to REGISTER TODAY for this event via the Global HR Business website.

The 8:30am – 5:00pm conference will be followed by an evening reception.

Global HR Business Conference Atlanta April 11

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