Talking Global Business with The Culture Guy

Tami Savage is an Air Force veteran, a self-professed computer geek, and a process, automation & systems consultant in the Washington, D.C. area. She recently approached us to learn how The Culture Mastery uses assessment tools and personality profiles in order to serve our clients. The result of her inquiry was an interview Tami conducted with Christian Höferle, The Culture Guy.

In their casual conversation, Tami and Christian talk about a variety of topics, ranging from cross-cultural work to personal family stories and how the BANK personality profile applies to both.

Interview notes

0:00 – 2:15: How to pronounce this weird German name: Höferle

2:46 – 6:05: Where the nickname The Culture Guy came from

6:06 – 21:15: How The Culture Guy and his company, The Culture Mastery work with people who work across cultures

8:15 – 9:15: How TCM got its start

9:30 – 10:10: What BANKcode has to do with cross-cultural work

17:00 – 21:15: How TCM uses BANKcode with their clients

21:20 – 27:30: Using BANKcode with the family

27:40 – 30:16: Combining cultural assessment tools and the BANK personality profile

30:40 – 34:00: Why TCM gives away a Cheat Sheet to Crack the Cultural Codes of Ten Countries

38:45 – 42:00: Expanding a quality social media network using BANKcode

48:00 – 48:50: Cross-cultural BANK greeting/good-bye


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