Crack the Cultural Codes of 10 Countries

Many of the readers of this blog and users of our website work across cultures or with teams across borders and cultures on a regular basis – whether you spend your time in the office or out on the road.
When you do work with people who are different than you, it is critical to have a rough sense of the “code” of the new culture you are operating in.

To crack the cultural code of 10 countries from around the world The Culture Mastery is partnering with Andy Molinsky, author of Global Dexterity and Reach. Subscribers to our newsletter now have access to a tool which helps decipher the behavioral norms of these cultures.
The Cheat Sheet to 10 Cultural Codes from around the World comes to you as a complimentary eBook download; simply register with your name and email to receive your copy of the tool.

imageMastering a cultural code is essential, and according to Global Dexterity you can capture it along 6 specific dimensions:

  • Directness: How straightforwardly are people typically expected to communicate in their culture? Are they expected to say exactly what they want to say, or are they expected to “hint” at something in more indirect manner?
  • Enthusiasm: How much positive emotion and energy do they typically show when communicating?
  • Formality: How much deference and respect do people typically demonstrate?
  • Assertiveness: How strongly do people typically express their opinions? To which level is it acceptable to speak one’s mind?
  • Self-Promotion: How acceptable is it for people to speak about their accomplishments? Is or isn’t it acceptable to “toot your own horn”?
  • Personal disclosure: How much do people typically reveal about themselves?
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In this eBook, you will find an executive summary of 10 different cultural codes from around the globe. It was developed from over 50 interviews with experts from each of the different cultures, as part of the research for Global Dexterity. As is the case with any executive summary, there are always exceptions to a nation’s cultural trends. So treat this information as one of many sources of evidence about what to expect.
We hope this handy guide gives you a head start on your journey to act outside your own cultural comfort zone.


Andy Molinsky is a Professor of International Management and Organizational Behavior at the Brandeis International Business School and the author of Global Dexterity (HBR Press, 2013).



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