Talking about connection across cultures, ethnicities, socio-economics with Gary Rahman

Adjusting to different cultures and the behaviors which are acceptable and familiar to their representatives isn’t only challenging across country lines. Often we find distinct subcultures within nations. That’s the case in comparatively small countries like Spain, Germany, or Italy and especially in large territorial nations like China, India, or the United States.

gary-rahmanIn the U.S. the different American cultures are shaped – among other things – by the country’s unique history, which includes the slavery period, racial segregation following its abolition, and the civil rights movement. After 150+ years this storyline of American history hasn’t ended yet and tensions between ethnic and cultural groups remain.

It takes leaders in these various and diverse communities to facilitate positive change and one of these leaders is Gary Rahman. Gary is a successful real estate investor and developer in Baltimore, MD. He is also an outspoken individual who knows how to inspire and motivate. He’s a mentor to young black men and a public speaker.
And he is the host of his own radio show, called Connection, on Star Worldwide Networks.
On September 13, Gary invited TCM founder Christian Höferle on the program and allowed him to share his story. So in turn, we are sharing Gary’s story:

Today Gary is a model for success but he wasn’t born into it, he comes from humble beginnings and he never forgets that. Gary was born in Chicago in a single parent household, the youngest of three. His mom, although suffering from depression, kept telling her children that they could be whatever they wanted to be. Nevertheless, times were rough financially and by the age of ten Gary’s family had been evicted over a dozen times – but Gary believed his mother’s promise of the American Dream.

Back then he made a promise to himself that when he became an adult and had children this would never happen to him. Less than 20 years later Gary turned his family’s past around and turned it into a huge financial success. Today he is committed to changing communities. His company, QLI, is engaged in developing housing for low to medium income families and renovating formerly abandoned buildings in order to improve the landscape and change the dynamics of urban neighborhoods.

To listen to the recording of this episode of Connection use this link.

Gary radio show is also hosted as a podcast on iTunes and you can subscribe it here.

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