Overcoming the “Asia challenge” for a Western business [The Culture Guy Podcast]

Andreas Kambach 5In this episode Christian talks with Andreas Kambach, a native of Germany who works as a management consultant for Liebich & Partner, predominantly in Southeast Asian markets.

Andreas has spent most of his professional career working for German tool manufacturers and helped build sales and distribution arms in India, China, Thailand, and Singapore. Today he utilizes his experience of developing business subsidiaries for a Western small/mid-size enterprise in the APAC region in his consulting practice.
Some of the topics Andreas highlights during this episode:

  • the importance of building relationships with Chinese (and other Asian) business partners
  • the (perceived) slower pace of business: visit the country frequently and don’t expect to sign a deal right away
  • the need for a local liaison which will help you open doors in SE-Asian markets
  • the importance of rapport building and adjusting to communication styles in collectivist cultures

You can connect with Andreas Kambach via various online outlets:

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