How learning to say “I’m sorry” helps you recover from cultural faux pas [The Culture Guy Podcast]

Mamie Lamley 6In this episode Christian talks to Mamie Lamley, founder of Mandala Mystics and Coach at Empowerment on Fire.

Ms. Mamie is a native of Waiʻanae, a small city on the island of O’ahu, which is part of Hawai’i, the 50th State of the USA. During the interview she explains how to properly pronounce these place names, and you’ll learn what the words Aloha and Ohana really mean.

Mamie currently lives in Colorado and works as an independent coach and trainer after spending many years in the corporate training field.

In this episode Mamie shares with Christian her experiences of working in Korea and Thailand as a female Pacific Islander who looks Asian and behaves American. Listen to her enlightening anecdote of bowing and crawling before the King of Siam and his court entourage, while she was teaching English in the country.

Mamie also shares her challenges of being a woman in a leadership role when she worked on a project in South Korea.

Here are some key learnings from Mamie’s cross-cultural experience:

  • learn about your host culture and embrace the otherness
  • learn the basic behavioral norms of your host culture
  • learn how to say “I’m sorry” and “Excuse me” in the local language

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