Why time zones suck when working globally [The Culture Guy Podcast]

Kyle Hegarty 1In this episode Christian talks to Kyle Hegarty, who is the Managing Director of Leadership Nomad, part of the TSL Group, where he focuses on helping companies expand across the globe.

Kyle has spent the past decade living in Southeast Asia and tells people: “From what I’ve seen and experienced first-hand, the area where companies fall short the most seems to stem from cultural communication breakdowns. Behavior that works in one region can completely fail in another and the more companies expand into new markets, the more mistakes are made. Cultures affect company hiring strategy, leadership, product design, sales, negotiation, marketing and client relations. In other words, culture affects everything.”

In this conversation with The Culture Guy one topic stands out for Kyle: How living and working in different time zones can be a real challenge for global executives. Especially for expats who do not live in the same time zone as their colleagues who schedule company conference calls.

Kyle recently blogged about this issue. You should read his recommendations.

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