How to motivate and inspire other cultures by being you [The Culture Guy Podcast]

In this episode Christian talks to Robert Riopel, international trainer and teacher for New Peaks. Robert is Canadian and lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Roxanne and his razorback pig Gracie May – you’ll have to listen to the show to hear what that is all about.

Robert is a Master Trainer for New Peaks and Christian has had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions. He also created the Interactive web platform and App AmentorA, which helps people dream, set goals, and then achieve them.

Robert and Christian at Warrior Camp

Robert and Christian at Warrior Camp

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Robert with PIVOT author Adam Markel

Listen to his story to learn about how you can cross cultures by just being yourself. This isn’t typically a concept we teach in intercultural training programs and you need to hear Robert tell it from his own perspective. Suffice it to say, personal authenticity and vulnerability are a huge part in this. And these two qualities we do emphasize during our trainings and coaching programs.

To reach out to Robert I encourage you to connect with him using his Facebook fan page. He usually responds very quickly. You also may want to follow him on Twitter (@RobRox69) to catch Robert’s Periscope broadcasts.

In this episode Christian also talks about Adam Markel’s upcoming book release of PIVOT and how listeners can get a free copy months before it will hit the shelves at international book retailers.

The listener feedback we received after the first episodes has been inspiring and for future episodes we still want to encourage you to send us your input:

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  1. That was a gread Podcast! And you know, as I was listening to what Robert was saying, I realized that you don’t have to go to another country to “feel” like you have stepped into another culture. It happens in a new job environment, with friends, in-laws, social events, etc. So being true to yourself at all times really is key and not only lifts the burdens out of ourlives but, it also can help others that are surrounding us.

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