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Welcome to The Culture Guy Podcast!

This is Episode 000 of The Culture Guy Podcast.

This show is created and hosted by our CEO, Christian Höferle (also known as The Culture Guy, and on the show he will explain how he got this nickname).
It is dedicated to everyone who is passionate about cultures and how culture influences everything we do: The way we talk, the way we listen, the way we act or react, the way we feel and the way we see the world. This show is a place for you to connect and engage with people from around the world who care about cultural understanding, making meaningful global connections, and fostering diversity.
Together we will learn on this show how culture shapes all our behaviors and how we can inspire, motivate, lead, and communicate better across cultures.


Join Christian on a journey to becoming agents of peace. Because together we will make the world a more peaceful place by helping people from different cultures understand each other better.

In this pilot episode, Christian sets the context for the program and asks listeners for their input:

  • What are your tips and tricks for cultural adjustment?
  • What were some of your most memorable “cultural fool moments”?
  • Which topics would you like to hear discussed on future podcast episodes?

To send in your feedback for the show, please email Christian and use our social media outlets: The Culture Mastery Facebook Page, the Facebook Page for The Culture Guy Podcast, our company’s Twitter feed, and Christian’s personal Twitter.
In fact, we would be honored if you could help us spread the word about The Culture Guy Podcast. Tell your networks and show people this page so we can get a feel for which cross-cultural topics you are most passionate about.

Please use the hashtag #TheCultureGuy when you share this idea with your connections.

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