Why our company mission is personal

Most of the people working with The Culture Mastery, and all of our team members, have crossed cultures at least once during their careers or in their personal lives. I grew up in what was then West Germany and stepped outside of his native culture for the first time at age of 17. I went across the Atlantic as a foreign exchange student and had my mono-cultural blinders taken off. It was then that I realized how useless the term “normal“ is. Every culture has their own unique set of norms, and not always do these different sets work well together.

There is a strong vision I have for The Culture Mastery, one which is shared by our team: We will make the world a more peaceful place by helping people from different cultures understand each other better. For me there is also a personal concern: As a German I view our company’s mission and vision as an opportunity to fulfill my country’s obligation to learn from history: Never again should cultural prejudice and chauvinism lead us to inhumanity.

I am posting this article on May 7, 2015 – the day which marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. This day also meant an end to the Holocaust and the systematic eradication of Jews and certain minorities by the Nazi regime. For present day Germans this day of commemoration can still come with mixed feelings. I wrote about this before and encourage you to read my take on my country’s darkest moment in history (“Why the memory of the Holocaust is a gift for German culture”).

Here at The Culture Mastery we strongly believe that all conflicts between people can be resolved, if we understand each other’s cultures – our own, and the ones which are foreign to us.
You can count on us to guide you to a deep and solid understanding of how culture affects all of our behaviors, our actions, and how we work and live with each other.
I invite you to join us on a journey to becoming agents of peace and agents of cultural understanding.
We don’t deliver training & development widgets. We introduce you to a transformational process which will take you to a higher level of cultural awareness and competence. By helping you master cultural transitions, The Culture Mastery will lead you to peak performance in a global context.

For yourself. For peace.

Trust your process.


Christian Höferle
Founder and CEO, The Culture Mastery

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  2. Thanks, Christian, for this. Like it or not, I think it remains incumbent on Germans to keep bringing up these stories so that our collective memory and awareness stay sharp.

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