One set of VAK/A-D Cards (NLP)


A set of four VAK/A-D Cards, which can be used to quickly determine which representational system an individual prefers. Based on the sensory modalities – visual auditory, kinesthetic, and audio-digital – as used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The Rep-System Cards are an easy way to build rapport  in a face-to-face setting.

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What is NLP?

The qualities of our lives are a result of our ability to influence bosses, clients, partners, children, or ourselves. Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful, highly advanced approach that explains effective communication. What differentiates those who succeed and those who fail depends on the strategies they use in today’s competitive world. Change occurs quicker now than it has ever happened in the past.
NLP is a way to achieve your goals in less time.
“Neuro” indicates that NLP includes the latest knowledge of how the human brain actually works. “Linguistic” refers to both the verbal and nonverbal elements of communication. “Programming” means recognition and understanding of human thought, communication styles and behavior.
Whether you are in business or sales, a counselor, a parent, a student or someone in search of health and healing, we can provide you with the skills to a higher level of personal excellence.

“At the core of NLP is the belief that, when people are engaged in activities, they are also making use of a representational system; that is, they are using some internal representation of the materials they are involved with, such as a conversation, a rifle shot, a spelling task. These representations can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or involve the other senses. In addition, a person may be creating a representation or recalling one. For example, a person asked to spell a word may visualize that word printed on a piece of paper, may hear it being sounded out, or may construct the spelling from the application of a series of logical rules.” Daniel Druckman (Ed.) (1988), Enhancing Human Performance: Issues, Theories, and Techniques(pp.138-139)

How to use NLP Representational Systems and the VAK/A-D Cards

How well do you know yourself and the people around you? Are there times when you say and do things you wish you didn’t? At other times, do you surprise yourself by doing things you never thought you could do? The more you know yourself and others, the better your decisions will be and the richer your life will become. Using the NLP Representational Systems can greatly accelerate your ability to know how your mind really works. Learn more about NLP and how you will become an NLP Practitioner with our partners from the NLP Center of Atlanta.

Being able to identify what NLP Representational Systems you and your counterparts are using, helps you to unlock and access a wealth of information inside you and to better connect with the people with whom you work, live, and interact. It helps you understand the way people internally represent their everyday experiences. Knowing how you and others process information and how you/they perceive and interpret your/their experiences can help you influence yourself in a more effective way, and you will also understand the people around you better.