Our vision is to make the world a more peaceful place by helping people from different cultures understand each other better. We strongly believe that all conflicts between people can be resolved, if we understand each other’s cultures – our own, and the ones which are foreign to us.
We can create peace, if we become agents of cultural understanding. That’s why we don’t deliver training & development widgets; we help you attain a higher level of cultural awareness and competence.
By mastering cultural transitions, you will be at peak performance in the global community.

All of our team members have crossed cultures at least once in their lives. Founder and CEO, Christian Höferle, left Germany as a teenager to become a transatlantic foreign exchange student. Whether you work with our destination service agents, our language instructors, coaches, or trainers – everyone on our team has had international experience.
We assist companies in improving business success by providing a variety of services which are targeted at and tailored to increasing productivity when entering new international markets. When companies work internationally and expand outside of their home markets, their employees need to be effective in collaborating with people from cultures which are foreign to them. They need to be able to sell and market to customers with unfamiliar consumption preferences. Beyond the language barriers global professionals are confronted with different behaviors and ways of doing business. Failing to communicate, manage, inspire, and lead across cultural differences is a huge risk for these companies, and the lack of cultural competence can be a bottom-line relevant issue. The Culture Mastery helps multinational organizations and their employees to work better together across cultures.