One set of International BANK Cards


A set of four BANK Value Cards, which can be quickly sorted in order of priority, from what a client values most to what they value least, revealing their personal BANKcode. BANK Cards are the quickest way to crack people’s BANKcode in a face-to-face setting. This specific set displays the values as images – for use in situations where people experience a language gap, or when interacting with people who cannot read.

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Crack your clients’ code in three easy steps:

BANK has developed a set of four cards, with each card containing the values of its respective personality type. This specific set displays the values as images – so you can use them in situations where you experience a language gap, or when you use them with people who cannot read. These BANK Cards work great in order to determine your counterpart’s decision making profile.

  • Hand the person the set of four BANK Cards
  • Ask them to look at the information on each of the cards carefully
  • Instruct them to arrange the cards in order – from most to least important
  • Tell the person that this process will help you serve them better and save both of you time

Does your organization consistently meet its global growth goals? Are you finding that selling and marketing to clients and prospects from outside your country is more challenging than in your home market? With the BANK personality training system this challenge will soon be a thing of the past.

What is the BANK system?

The BANK Personality Profiling System is the missing link in the sales process. BANK provides you with the ability to swiftly and exactly identify the decision making profile of your counterparts and understand what they value when making buying or other decisions.

BANK™ is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve communication, accelerate negotiations, and come to sustainable agreements faster. While it was developed primarily to help sales professionals increase their closing rates, BANK has shown to be equally valuable in the field of human resources. Unlocking people’s BANKcode will positively change the way HR professionals recruit, manage, and develop talent. And in global business it helps pulling back more layers of the onion of cultural understanding.

The BANK personality system has been well tested in the marketplace, is scientifically proven and is a powerful tool in helping you close more business. BANK is having tremendous global growth and has users in over 40 countries. BANK is an acronym for the four different personality types: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge.

How is BANK different than other personality-based profiling systems?

On the surface BANK personality system may appear to be similar to DiSC, MBTI and others, but it is completely different. Most personality programs are based in psychology and focus on who YOU are. BANK is the only personality system developed to quickly identify the “other” person. When it comes to selling and influencing, it is not about you. It is all about your prospect. The BANK personality system is based on “buyology” or the science of Why They Buy. BANK provides a simple method to determine what your prospect values before you begin your sales conversation.

What is a BANKcode™?

Everyone has a unique personality type or what is called your BANKcode™ in the BANK personality system. While we are made up of all four personality codes, we have one predominant type. BANK has developed a set of Value Cards, which can be quickly sorted in order of priority, from what you value most to what you value least, revealing your personal BANKcode.

Without a solid foundation of cultural competence companies leave money on the table of international business. By cracking your clients’ behavioral code you will be able to predict their buying behavior in 90 seconds or less. Sounds too good to be true? A study by San Francisco State University revealed that the ability to quickly pinpoint the “purchasing personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely. And finding out which values are most important to your team members, clients, and business partners will improve your relationships in your business and personal lives.

How you can apply BANK in your organization

The Culture Mastery works with companies to apply the BANK personality methodology to develop custom sales scripts, sales pitches, sales tools and sales and marketing messages geared to inside and outside sales teams, custom service or anyone in a customer-facing role.
BANK will help you:

Speak the language of your prospect by understanding what is important to them
Customize your presentations based on how prospects make buying decisions
Understand the most effective negotiation path for each prospect
Forge deeper connections with customers to increase retention and referrals
Uncover buying behaviors and win more customers

Benefits of the BANK personality training system

A better understanding of how to communicate, negotiate and close more deals
Increased emotional intelligence
Connect faster and easier with prospects and customers
Improved communication among team members
Accelerated new customer acquisition
Higher customers and team member retention
Determine what adds the most value in everyday interactions with customers and prospects
Increased personal productivity and a focus on developing high-performing teams
Deliver powerful presentations using the right sales scripts
Close sales faster

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