Doing Business with Germany 101 – Live Online Training


Fuel your transatlantic growth by closing the culture gap to Germany with with our 3-hour cultural training program. This session will be delivered live on May 6, 2020 via the Zoom platform (from 12-3pm EDT). It will include break-outs, quizzes, Q+A, as well as slide and flip chart presentations. Seats are limited.

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Do you want to accelerate your business success in German-speaking Europe? Are you interested in protecting your transatlantic investment in talent and assets? This live virtual training on May 6, 2020 will walk you through the triggers and tripwires of German business culture and showcase strategies, best practices, and tools for organizations who want to minimize and even close the #GermanCultureGap.

During this 3-hour cultural training you will:

  • learn to identify the main cultural values of Germany (as well as those of other countries in German-speaking Europe) and understand how these values impact communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership
  • develop an understanding of the cultural dynamics of business practices and behavior patterns
  • discover tools and strategies which will boost your transatlantic business
  • develop strategies for effective and efficient global leadership approaches
  • clear up expectations about living & working in a different country and culture
  • develop strategies and action steps for efficient transatlantic communication
  • get access to 30 days of complimentary online German language learning via Wunderbla
  • discuss personal interests and questions about the challenges of working across cultures 
This group training session will be delivered live on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 from 12:00 to 3:00pm EDT. We will conduct it virtually via the Zoom platform. Group size will not exceed 25 participants to ensure smooth online facilitation and interaction among participants.
The training will be led and facilitated by Christian Höferle and it will include break-outs, quizzes, Q+A, as well as slide and flip chart presentations.
Fuel your Transatlantic Growth – by Closing the Culture Gap to Germany!
Learn how to avoid major cross-cultural mishaps and build for success in your business dealings with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.