Doing Business with Australia [APRIL Live Online Training]


To successfully work with Australians, having an understanding of the country’s cultural nuances is a critical requirement. Accelerate your growth down under with with our 3-hour business training program. Delivered in two 90-minute live sessions (April 14+16). Seats are limited.


Australia is a country that can be viewed through the lens of distant fascination for those who have not visited in person. Those that have visited or engaged with Australian counterparts report surprising differences in culture, even though these differences can be quite nuanced, especially for native English speakers.

Identifying, bridging, and leveraging differences can be the differentiator between struggle and success. Australia has long offered the world a rich supply of vital natural resources. The worlds of entertainment and sport are other areas where Australians have a global presence. Australia also possesses highly respected academic institutions which continue to produce executive-level leaders across the globe in terms of business and socially focused activities. As a result, it is a better than average chance you will encounter direct interaction with Australian colleagues and counterparts if you haven’t done so already, no matter what business you are in.

Accelerate your growth down under by cutting through the cultural complexity with with our 3-hour training program [April 14 and 16]. Do you want to fuel your business success in Australia? Are you interested in protecting your investment in talent and assets? This live virtual training will guide you through the triggers and tripwires of Aussie business culture and will showcase strategies, best practices, and tools for organizations who want to minimize and even close the culture gap with Australia.

During this 3-hour cultural business training you will:

  • learn to identify the main cultural values of Australia and understand how these values impact communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership
  • develop an understanding of the cultural dynamics of business practices and behavior patterns
  • discover tools and strategies which will boost your Australian business
  • develop strategies for effective and efficient global leadership approaches
  • clear up expectations about living & working in a different country and culture
  • develop strategies and action steps for efficient communication
  • discuss personal interests and questions about the challenges of working across cultures 
This group training will be delivered in two 90-minute live sessions (April 14th + 16th, 2021) from 11:00am – 12:30pm Eastern U.S. Time. We will conduct it virtually via the Zoom platform. Group size will not exceed 25 participants to ensure smooth online facilitation and interaction among participants.
The training will be led by Brett Parry and co-facilitated by  Christian Höferle.

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