Why cultural competence is one of seven success factors for ‘glocal’ business

Recently on this blog you found our Table of Elements for Global Business Readiness. It has become quite popular among our clients. And it’s exciting to see that EDGE Business Magazine published a modified version in its January 2017 issue. In their Skill Sets column Christian Höferle explains the importance of cultural competence for sustainable growth for ‘glocal’ businesses.

cultural competence EDGE Biz Mag

Cultural Competence a KeyGrowth Factor

When companies fall behind on building cultural competency they are leaving money on the table. Not just a bit, a lot of it. As a consequence, investing in this skill should be a priority. The EDGE column lists it as one of seven key success factors which matter for local businesses who operate in a global market.
To read the complete article simply click on the image above or follow this link to the EDGE website

The main question we asked ourselves for this list was:  What does a community need in order to be well equipped for global business? These are the seven success factors we compiled:

  • Infrastructure
  • Politics
  • Schools
  • Labor
  • Red Tape
  • Recreation & Consumer Goods
  • Cultural Competence

Since EDGE is a publication of the Chattanooga Times Free Press you can also find the full text on their website.

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